What is the right team composition for an IoT initiative?

Who should be at the table?

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It’s a good question. My view is I really think these are where skunkworks and tiger teams are the way to go.

I think you have to almost work outside of the organization to put the team together and bring in some outside industry experts. But then you also need people from your company who know your company and your value prop really, really well. I think the smaller the team the better. Taking an agile approach to figure these types of things out gives you a real quick ability to rev things.

I also see sometimes people try to lead with the perfect solution and I just think you got to be a lot quicker than that. I mean this is kind of out there, but I loved what Netflix did. Netflix basically knew where they wanted to go long term, which was streaming. but the technology wasn’t there initially. So they just did DVDs and they sent them through the mail. And they were able to do it really elegantly, but they knew where they wanted to get to. They didn’t wait. They just kind of went ahead and did it. They probably weren’t making a lot of money at the beginning, and it certainly wasn’t very efficient. But they gained so much knowledge and then they became the market leader in the space. Then, once streaming was possible, it was over and they owned the market.

You see the same being replicated with Uber and Lyft today. They use drivers just because the technology for fully automated vehicles isn’t there right now. But we all know where the end game is there. So those are examples of particularly thoughtful companies that have figured out where they want to go. They understand that maybe the cost model isn’t what it needs to be upfront, but eventually, it will hopefully get there.