What is an RFID tag and how is it constructed?

What is an RFID tag?

There’s a lot of confusing language. There’s actually a piece of silicon that is the tag. The piece of silicon is then put on a thing called a strap. And then a strap is put on an inlay.

And then the inlays come on a big roll, but the surface that’s going to be printed on isn’t there yet. And so there are people called converters that take the inlays and put them wherever they need to go based on what size they are - into caps of medicine bottles, and vials, and that sort of thing.

I should have also mentioned that the antenna is on that inlay. so the strap is just the tag plus physical mechanical adapters. And then the strap goes on the inlay which has the antenna. And there’s, you know, hundreds of different antenna designs for different uses.

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