What are the typical stations in a low volume (100-1,000 units/year) assembly line for an electrical product?

I would love some insight.

Good question! Thanks.

Our assembly line consists of 11 workstations. Of these, 2 stations are seperated from the rest of the line and the other 9 are interconnected.

We have done this to seperate pre-assemblies, for example cutting wires and cables for the products. These pre-assembly stations generally have 1 input (directly from the warehouse) but outputs to several workstations in the line. So if you put them in the middle of the line, the distribution of the pre-assembled cables to the other workstations will be difficult. In general we will design the line per project and the state-of-the-art modular technology allows changing the setup of the line easily. So for example, we can put several work stations in parallel instead of in a line. In general the assembly line will consist of the following workstations:

Pre-Assembly (1 or 2)
Assembly (2 up to 6)
Quality Control (2, 1 before our 24 hour hour functional test and 1 after)
Final Assembly (1, closing the product after quality control so it will be ready for the packaging station)
Packaging (1)

All components are checked on quality when they enter the warehouse. The components have to comply with their acceptance & rejection matrices, where theirs specs have been determined in accordance with our suppliers.

Hope this answers your question Danny and hope it will be of interest to other members as well.