What are the functional tests that you run on your products for quality control?

Examples would be helpful!

Link to my original conversation: https://youtu.be/gfpAvRR0ItI

We run a program on each product, we perform a point test, and then we have a 24-hour quality check on all our products. So they are all connected.

For the 24-hour check there is a really big shell where we can test 250 products at the same time and then the next day it produces the results of each device logged by their serial number. The screenshot of the test also gets logged in our ERP system.

So if something happens into the future with the product, we all always have the production results. We can show, for example, that at a certain point in time all quality controls were fine and we can use that information to analyze when something may have gone wrong in the process. So that’s the functional testing that we do in general.

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