Untitled Kingdom - The State of FemTech

This publication was created by women for women who face challenges in FemTech.

Learn the latest data, experiences of practitioners creating digital health and FemTech products for over 12 years, and stories of 18+ FemTech founders and experts who succeed on the market.


Aspiring FemTech Entrepreneurs will receive guidelines on how to create a successful FemTech product they’ve been thinking about (even if they presume there’s only a couple of people who would need them) and what niche is worth focusing on in the following years?

FemTech Founders will get tips for optimization of their product and service, how to get funding for further development and how not to forget about the user in the process.

Investors will receive proof why it’s worth investing in FemTech, what is the scale of women’s problems and which solutions are worth supporting and what makes up the secret sauce of products that change the world.