Titoma's NRE Cost Calculator

NRE Meaning = Non Recurring Engineering Costs; these are what you get charged to have your customized electronic product ready for mass manufacturing. Many people don’t know that the amount of NRE charged to you can be very different from the actual NRE costs to design the product. Many design firms only tell you about the cost of design and prototyping, conveniently forgetting that getting a working prototype is only 1/4 of the journey.

For any company, whether it is an established one, or a start-up, manufacturing a new product is a complex operation that relies heavily on money. The product development process of an electronic device is one that presents many iterations and contingencies. If way too many were to happen, your electronic device might never see the light of day, especially if you were not prepared for all that spending.

Before manufacturing a new product, make sure you are aware of all the costs associated with your product and do the numbers. For this reason Titoma has developed a calculator that can help you estimate your product’s NRE cost.

Check out Titoma’s NRE Cost Calculator here: