Saturn PCB Design Toolkit

If you’re a PCB designer, you must check out Saturn’s PCB Design Toolkit as it could potential save you a great deal of time. As a PCB designer you must follow strict guidelines when designing your board so that it can be successfully manufactured and functional. You must take into account component location, trace impedance, coupling of signals from one circuit to another, radio transmission, temperature rises, and a bunch of other possible physical effects. It’s hard to remember all these layout guidelines and rules to follow, but Saturn PCB’s Design Toolkit PCB designing it a lot easier.

This toolkit incorporates many features that PCB designers and engineers are in regular need of. Here are just some of the following programs the toolkit contains:

  • PCB Via Current Calculator
  • PCB Trace Width Calculator & PCB Trace Resistance Calculator
  • Bandwidth Calculator & Max PCB Trace Length Calculator
  • Wavelength calculator
  • Differential Pair Impedance Calculator
  • PCB Padstack Calculator
  • Minimum PCB Conductor Spacing Chart
  • PCB Conductor Impedance’s
  • Thermal Resistance Calculator
  • Crosstalk Calculator
  • And much more!

You can download Saturn PCB Design Toolkit here: