RFID / IoT hardware available for interesting projects


If you are interested in a dev platform or require proof of concept hardware for an RFID / IoT project, I may be able to help.

Through CSL I have driven a product that is turning out to be ahead of its time in the RFID market place. It is a full linux server complete with wifi, BT, Host USB, and Serial. https://www.convergence.com.hk/cs463/

In the past it has been very difficult to have an RFID reader on a secure network. The Linux allows you to load most any security code or device management. I went so far as to drive the NXP A71CH secure element into the reader to provide for auto connect deployments.

All and all this has been too much for our RFID industry to digest. I know there are many Smart City, Smart Streets, Smart Ag, Smart whatevers that could use this box as the deployable device to act as the hub.

As an example, I currently have two projects where it is the controller for all things going on inside and outside of a container, as well as, managing the connections to LTE or WiFi and GPS.

We have a fair amount of code for MQTT, Node Red, AWS Green Grass and other modules here: GitHub - cslrfid/CS463-CS203X-Product-Downloads: Manuals, Firmware and Special Notes for CSL Intelligent Fixed Reader

Anyway that is too much already … if you have any projects or ideas let me know and if it sounds interesting, I will hook you up with some gear.