Need a consultant stuck in a rut

Started an iot solutions company im coming from telecoms. 15 years in the industry and have made some good relationships

Got together with a developer and for our first project we POCd and went into production and billing a client for environmental monitoring of a hatchery. Monitoring temperature and humidity for 40 environments via a mikrotik lora bts , chirpstack as the lora stack , clickhouse for the DB , grafana for graphing , telegram for alerts , Django admin web page for managing devices and thresholds for different stage of production and a page client facing to turn on and off alerts dependent on what stage environments are in production phase

My developer has gone awol and had a nervous breakdown can’t get hold of him for months now

I need to move to a another platform I have control of with support

At present I have no access to the DB I have access to the admin panel User control panel Mikrotik lora bts

I’m not a developer so I need some help and willing to pay to move to something like thingsboard or similar iot platform

What are my options and anyone out there that can help

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Hey OP!

I believe that we could easily integrate what you already have with Ubidots (most importantly having your devices send data to our Platform), and it shouldn’t be such a hard process since we already have a great array of Widgets for graphing and control, and alerting engine for monitoring your variables within certain thresholds and notifying you or your clients about it (including Telegram), a reporting module to generate periodical reports for your clients, and a Support team always willing to help you out on anything that you may need.

If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me through DM here or contact us directly at our Sales Department.

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