How to Get GCF Certified

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) is a certification organization for the regulation of products in the European mobile network. The GCF is a counterpart to the North American PTCRB, which deals with the use in the American mobile network.

GCF certification is mandatory for devices requiring connection to networks in countries outside of North America. GCF certification ensures compliance with a set of cellular network standards and is applicable both for module manufacturers and end-product manufacturers.

There are 5 steps to get GCF certified.

  1. Manufacturer joins GCF since only GCF members may have their devices certified.
  2. An internal or third party GCF Assessment Capable Entity develops a test plan for the device.
  3. A GCF Recognised Test Organisation executes the test plan.
  4. The GCF Assessment Capability Entity reviews the test results to verify if the device meets all the relevant certification criteria.
  5. Once the device has successfully met all the relevant certification criteria, the manufacturer can submit the GCF certified status declaration to the GCF. Certified devices are listed on the GCF website.

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