How long do you see the new 4G LTE networks being live?

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The sunset of the 2G networks caused scrambling for many companies to ensure that their IoT systems did not go down.

We started with 2G modules. Then we went very shortly for 3G technology. And now we’re 4G technology. I think there was a really nice transition to 4G because it’s going to be there for at least 2030.

When we were moving from 2G to 3G, we never had that kind of runway. Frankly, I feel like the whole industry did a disservice by introducing 3G as a technology for modules. What should have been done was they should have kept the 2G networks up until that 4G LTE-M technology was available, and then gone straight from 2G to 4G LTE-M and built it out that way.

Had this been the case, I think we would have seen much faster adoption of IOT

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