How do you keep the load cells calibrated in your products after they are deployed in the field?

This is a really tough problem, especially for products that don’t have the ability to be manually calibrated. I would be really interested if anybody has seen a product that somehow automatically calibrates a load cell.

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Load cells are difficult and notorious for wandering based on environmental conditions

There are a wide range of temperatures that you get in the farms. It can be 0°C in the mountains, but you can also easily get to 40°C. The expanding and contracting of the plastic influences the load cell. So there’s a lot of difficult things there.

What we do within all our shipments is send a service package that includes a one kg weight and an instruction video. With that weight the farmer can routinely calibrate the scales themselves

We encourage them to calibrate with every poultry batch every batch, which is about every 40 days. After each batch they clean the area, and that’s also the point where they can calibrate the skills.

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