Hello from Stomio! Your beta testing platform


My name is Ayham and I’m the CoFounder CEO of Stomio. I’m happy to be part of this community so we can better serve all companies in their beta testing needs!

I started Stomio from a pain I lived through when I was in product management over and over again. Whenever we got to the beta testing phase of our development cycle, it was chaos. We scrambled to reach out to our customers, we had to ship hundreds of units, chase hundreds of NDA agreements, write long instructions for conducting a beta test, then beg our testers to actually do it.

The engagement rate was 15% at best and half of that was people just turning on their units. More than 90% of our beta units ended up as paper weight. 90% missed opportunities for us to get real feedback from real users about our product. And we felt the pain after we launched: critical bugs found that should have been caught in beta, corner cases that required us to rework shipment, and worst case a recall because of electrical incompatibility.

If that sounds all familiar to you and you feel there should be a better solution, please check us out and sign up for early access. We would love to talk to you and learn more about your needs and use cases.

We are very excited to partner with IoTerra and be more involved in this growing community.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply here or send me an email: ayham@stomio.io