Hello from Medellin!

Hello Ioterra Community!

I am excited in introduce myself here. My name is Danny and I am one of the Ioterra team members. I am currently working and living out of Medellin Colombia and Reno Nevada.

My background is primarily centered around mechanical product design and New Product Introduction of consumer electronics, however I have experience in the industrial and medical spaces as well.

Prior to Ioterra, I started a product engineering firm with my brother-in-law called Breadware. Breadware was acquired approximately 2 years ago by StoneAge, an OEM on the west coast. The Breadware experience exposed me to over 100 product development initiatives over the coarse of 5 years and I am extremely grateful for the chance to help companies get products launched (learning a bunch on the way!).

I want to make things happen in my world in the short time that I am here and spend a lot of my time collaborating with like minded people to grow organizations and initiatives that I believe in.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you would like to sync up or collaborate on a project.

Saludos de Medellin,