CBRS Radios

I am looking to see if any one has tried to do a cost analyst on building CBRS Radio Antenna? I am looking to see a break down if you’ve done it and trying to find how much cost can be reduced from pre-existing solutions. While it’s a generic question, I am happy to point out specific units as well

Hi Hassan,
yes that question is very general and the answer really depends on the antenna requirements.
We developed a 2by4 element beam steering phased array for the CBRS band. See this article.
The biggest cost adder was the antenna PCB due to it’s high thickness and low loss tangent, all to optimize the antenna efficiency. We later cost reduced it by using an airgap with plastic studs.
Though I assume you are talking about a specific commercial product which will have a lot of other mechanical parts driving the cost.
Let me know which antenna you are referring to and I’ll try to help you.