Can you provide some best practices for quality control in production manufacturing?

A process explanation would be helpful.

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Yeah, well we see two different things.

  1. The testing procedures of our own products. Our development department, in combination with the advice we get from experts, sets the quality plan. We set a standard for quality control spanning items like “which points I need to check on the product” so our assembly team knows exactly what to do.
  2. The testing procedures for clients that we are building products for. This is really different depending on the circumstance. Some don’t want to do any checks. Some want to do the check in the house, and don’t want us to do it. And some want to do the quality check with us because then we can also do the final packaging.

In China there are factories with much more comprehensive testing capabilities. We’ve seen factories that have huge buildings where they can simulate all of the experiences that you go and encounter with your product. For example accelerating a farm condition. They can simulate the environment and then in 2 days you can see what your product looks like as if it were 2 years in a farm.

There are other tests they can do as well. They will put it under water. They will test it under electrical shock. They will drop it on the ground. They will test changes in electrical supply. They can literally test everything.

In our factory we’re not yet capable of testing everything. But we have partners for more comprehensive testing if a client is in need of it.

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